Shipping & Returns

  1. This order mar be cancelled within 72 hours by the purchase unless it has been picked up or delivered. Any order cancelled there after the purchaser agrees to compensate the company 20% for stock items or 50% on special order from price, you may transfer you full deposit on merchandise that is not special order.
  2. No refund will be granted on merchandise that has been picked up or delivered.
  3. Floor sample sales are final and must be pick up or delivered within 7 days. No service will be provided no refunds granted.
  4. Merchandise that has been delivered by us has a limited warranty for 12 months from the date it was delivered, we will service any manufactures's defect, but we cannot service damages from every day wear and tear customer abuse, floor sample and picked up merchandise
  5. Special order merchandise requires a 50% deposit, you must allow 90 days for the merchandise to arrive.
  6. Once the special order has arrived, you must schedule delivery within 2 weeks or will charge storage fee of $25 per week per set,
  7. For you protection and ours C.O.D's must be paid by bank check, money order or cash. (no greater than $500.00) drivers will not accept any other type of payment.
  8. Customer are held responsible in the event furniture is too large for the room or if the merchandise does nor fit into their entrance. Customer will be held accountable and is subject to a nonnegotiable fee by an outside contractor to disassemble merchandise.
  9. If the delivery requires a walk-up, driver will collect $10.00 per floor after the second floor.
  10. On the day of your schedule delivery if no one is home or does not have the proper amount when we return for the second time.